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when i’m married my partner and i will have:

  • morning sex
  • afternoon sex
  • dinner sex
  • after meal sex
  • i made pancakes sex
  • good morning sex
  • the kids are at school sex
  • shower sex
  • bored sex
  • make up sex
  • break up sex
  • obama won sex
  • romney lost sex
  • monday sex
  • tuesday sex
  • wednesday sex
  • thursday sex
  • friday sex
  • saturday sex
  • sunday sex
  • there is nothing on tv sex
  • i love you sex

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Girls who play ball. Hott. 

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So it’s been a while since I posted a workout log. Thursday was leg day and I’ve made some substantial gains and alterations to my routine.


-280 lbs x 5

-275 lbs x 5

-260 lbs x 6

Plyometric Circuits

-Jump Squats, Lateral Lunges, Quick Jumps, (All with dumbbells, no rest, 2 sets of the circuit).

-Walking Lunges, Step-Ups, Lateral Leaps (All with dumbbells, no rest, 2 sets)

-Depth Jumps

As you can see my only heavy weighted exercise today was Squats which will always be a part of my routine, but as a basketball player and runner I am choosing to focus more attention to plyos in an effort to increase my vertical, speed, quickness, and agility. 

My goal is to dunk a basketball. My heavy leg exercises on different days per week also include Dead-lifts and Power Cleans. I’m plenty sore today, my PR’s continue to go up in all my leg exercises so I think I’m doing something right and ultimately that leg press, leg curls, etc are a waste of time for me and overkill. 

I’ll report back for those interested in a leg workout aimed at people wanting to train for sports like basketball, volleyball, and running. 


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